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NooZu, your local website designer...

What do you want from a website?

Local website designers will tell you the first thing to consider when looking into having a website built is the matter of what you want your web site to do for your business. Whether you're planning to sell your products or services online or just create a basic web presence for your company NooZu can advise you on; and provide you with any design and hosting services you may require.

Things to consider...

The most important consideration when having a website built should always be your customers. Many websites fail to keep focus on this basic rule; how many times have you visited a website... not found what you're looking for... and left within about 2 seconds? The main reason for this is the designers failed to present the information you were looking for in front of you. NooZu designers are experienced in breaking your business down into simple bite-sized blocks of information making your website easier to navigate and providing your visitors with a better and more relevant experience when visiting your website.

OK... What next?

Now that we've explained a little about what we can do for you the following steps will guide you through turning your ideas into a website to exceed all your expectations.

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Get a domain name(s)
Get a suitable hosting package
We build your website

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