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What is Website Hosting and why do I need it?

Website hosting is a group of services usually provided by the company who you purchase your domain name through. A hosting package is essential to get your website up onto the internet; webspace provides you with a directory (folder) on a webserver that your domain name(s) can be pointed to, so when a visitor types in your URL (website address) they are directed to your website on the webserver. A host usually offers other services such as MYSQL, Extra Bandwidth, PHP, ASP, POP Mail Boxes, Domain Forwarding, as well as AntiVirus and AntiSpam Protection to name just a few.

I have several domain names; do I need a separate hosting package for each?

No... usually a primary domain name will be assigned to the website and further domains will be forwarded to that domain; therefore every domain will achieve the same end result. The aforementioned also applies to email accounts.

Can I have control over my hosting services?

Yes... the HSphere Control Panel offers all our customers with control over their hosting services via a secure customer login. Customers can switch various services ON or OFF and change the way services are handled. Please be aware that the initiation of new hosting services may be subject to a charge, you will be notified during the process if this is the case.

How do I know which hosting package is best for me?

Choosing the right hosting package is dependent on the requirements of your website and other considerations such as how many POP mail boxes you require. NooZu can provide assistance on choosing the right hosting package for you. For assistance please contact us.

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