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What is a Domain Name

Domain Names act as 'Sign Posts' to your website. The actual address of your website is made up of a long and complicated string of numbers and directories, a domain name is required to give your website a 'URL' (Uniform Resource Locator) in simple terms 'a website address'.

Can I register more than one domain name?

Yes... any number of domain names can be registered and pointed to the same; or any other website. Be aware that only one domain name will be the primary domain and as such should be chosen with keyword relevancy in mind.

What does it mean when a Domain Name has been 'Parked'?

The 'Parking' of a domain name is a term used when a domain name has been registered but no other services have been assigned to that domain name. Parking is a common practice for registering a domain name so that it's available for you when you're ready to use the domain.

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