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What is a CMS website?

Our unique Content Managed System allows our customers to become their own web masters with little or no knowledge of the web. For a one-off build/setup fee you can take full control of the textual content of your website without having to call a web designer every time you want to update your website...

How do I update my CMS website?

Your CMS website can be changed or updated by any authorised user via any computer with internet access within the bounds of your CMS framework.

Can a CMS website be tailored to meet my individual needs?

Yes... because we hand-code the majority of our CMS framework scripts a CMS site can be customised to meet with almost any specific requirement you may have. Whether you want to be able to change an entire website or just a small area of the site CMS really can save you allot of time and money.

Do I need to have any HTML or ASP knowledge?

No... our end-user interface takes care of translating you text/images or links into HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) or ASP (Active Server Pages) automatically, it then wrights the page and uploads it to your webserver as before. All you have to do is login and edit... and that's it!

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